The Industry Minister visited and viewed the operation of ethanol production factory and distributed high-grade seeds to farmers at Sakaew province.

Mr. Charnchai Chairung-rueng, Industry Minister along with Industry Permanent Secretary, Secretary of sugarcane and sugar committee and President consulting of Industry Minister visited and viewed the operation of ES Power Co., Ltd and presided over the ceremony of distribution of high-grade seeds to 100 small size farmers for the first time at Agro-industry Sustainability Development Center in honored of the Celebration of 50th Anniversary of HRH Somsawali, Eastern Sugar Co., Ltd, Watthananakorn district, Sakaew province with Mr. Sanit Naksuksri, Sakaew province governor and Khun-ying Nattika Wattanavekin Ung-ubonkul , president and chief managing director of Eastern Sugar Group of company welcomed.

The House of Sugarcane and Sugar committee has conducted the High-grade seeds planting project to small sugarcane farmers in order to distribute high-grade seeds researched and developed by the House of Sugarcane and Sugar which yield more sweetness and more suitable in each small area with less than 25 Rai of farm area. For this time, there were 100 small farmers from Chonburi, Prachinburi and Sakaew provinces to help small farmers with the areas of farm less than 25 Rai who are poor and lack of opportunity to access to high-grade seeds in order to have a new type of sugarcane for planting and replacing the old seeds which yield less sweetness and more vulnerable to insects. In 2009, Ministry of Industry plans to allocate high-grade sugarcane seeds to farmers 4 times with total weight of 3560 ton to 1180 farmers in the project for 3 tons each. There are 12 kinds of seed which were researched and developed to be more suitable in each local planting area and yielding more than 15 ton/Rai in raining area and 25 ton/Rai in an irrigated area. Mr. Charnchai Chairung-reung said the problems of sugarcane planting are the efficiency and quality of product, high costs of production leads to low accessibility for poor farmer to gain high-grade seeds as the cost is up to Bt. 1500-2000/ton and the revenue does not cover the cost so farmers shun away to other works which affects sugarcane and sugar industry hence, the government would support farmers in all aspects not only high-grade seeds but also water resources, machinery in form of low interest rate loan and teaching the technique of high efficiency sugarcane plantation as well to help farmers develop quality and efficiency sustainably and truly self-depending at the same time, also support sugarcane and sugar production to be the world no. 1 includes ethanol production factory to save budget for fuel energy import.

Source: the Office of Commerce, Buriram, 24th Feb 2009